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You have reached the Brook Shields UK fan site. You will find all the latest news, updates and a little bit of gossip about Brook. This site will provide you with information on her movies, news and articles, along with coloured pictures of Brook Shields. You will find interesting articles on her early childhood, and be able to follow her career into adulthood.  There are articles about her life and what she is doing today. If you are looking for a great Brook Shields picture, this the place to find all the best taken pictures of Brook.

On our website, her many fans have very easy access to:

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Brook Shields has always been well known for her role in “The Blue Lagoon”. The movie was about two young teenagers shipwreck on a deserted island.  Although she played in many movies in her early childhood, this was one of movies that gained her public awareness. There is so much information about Brook Shields and some beautiful Brook Shields pictures from childhood to now. Your film career will surprise you. She started her career early in life and continues to be involved in acting today.

You can learn about Brook Shields battle with post-partum depression after the birth of her daughter Rowan. What is feels like to be in the spotlight and be afraid people are lurking around the corner, trying to sneak a peek or take a picture. See articles about her married life, her family life and her career.

Find out what Brook Shields is doing today. A short Brook Shields bio, will keep you entertained, while providing you so much exciting information on the actress Brook Shields. When you are looking for all the latest news about Brook and her career, you will also see the daily gossip. This is sure to be a very popular place to find Brook Shields pictures, movie reviews, family and news.

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If you need to find a Brook Shields photo or some interesting Brook Shields biography facts, you can find everything you need right here. Find out about your troubles when trying to get pregnant. She had hard decisions to make and long time consuming tests. Find out here, what she had to go through to have a healthy baby girl. Is this why she is so protective?

Are you interested in Brooks Broadway career? Are you interested in knowing about her modelling career? These are all questions you can find answers to. Articles, pictures, news are all presented here, about Brook Shields from childhood to an adult raising her own child. Find out all the battles she endured getting here today.

Find the latest gossip and news tips surrounding her acting career. Find out when she started doing Broadway. Anything you need to know about Brook Shields can be found right here. Keep reading and find out everything you wanted to know about your favourite actress Brook Shields.

You will be amazed by the amount of details the internet has on Brooke Shield. The amount of rumours, controversies and of course the fan following which have links to Brooke are truly mind boggling. Amongst all this, we present, the most authentic and accurate site in UK to date on this pretty Hollywood movie star Brooke Shields. The site will take you through a journey of Brooke life much before her famous movie The Blue Lagoon, which catapulted her into instant stardom. Her famous PepeJeans advertisement where she captured the minds and hearts of the US public cannot be forgotten.

This site brings you factual details, trivia of her life and a lot more. The suave and articulate Hollywood actress is a treat to watch on camera and her looks mesmerizes everyone who set eyes on her. Her UK following is increasing by the hour and this site is a testimony to the fact that the kind of people who like her and love her for the acting skills and her looks really care for her.

The site gives some of the most memorable pictures of Brooke Shields to date and also is a house of video clippings of her in her best scenes. Her photo gallery is a treat to watch as it contains her pictures in some of the best locations around the world with some of the people who are very close to her. Our site picture gallery has captured her from her childhood to her becoming an adult, and new and updated photos are added everyday.

The site also give a peek into her married life, the troubles after that, the birth of her pretty daughter Rowan and her possessiveness of her baby. The battle with post partum symptoms after the child’s birth and the fight to get control are all illustrated in this site. Pictures of Brooke Shield’s pretty baby are also there for us to see and admire. The site also houses latest information about her career moves, her current and previous movie projects and the latest gossip surrounding her.  

This site will keep you entertained and engrossed with trivia and facts about this beautiful actress as you go from section to section. The biography section gives an insight into her past and her future aspirations. The troubles times and the times which she and her fans cherish are all captured on The site is a journey into what Brooke is all about and who all surround her and act as her pillars of strength. It also brings to forth her follies and her struggle with her life.

The pictures on the site show her in her best so far. The side picture of her on the homepage is perhaps her best picture so far.

Take the journey through the site and you will enjoy it immensely.



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