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Brook Shields Short Biography


Brook Shields biography would include a marriage to Andre Agassi, a well known professional tennis pro. Brook and Andre were marries for about two years before divorcing. In April 2001 she married Chris Henchy, a writer and producer, who she is presently married to. Brook Shields biography also includes two daughters with Chris, Rowan and Grier. They were born in 2003 and 2006 respectfully.


Brooks has a very colourful family history. Her parents are Francis Alexander Shields, decreased shortly before the birth of her daughter Rowan, and her mother Teri Shields, formerly known as Maria Schmonn. Her mother and father were divorced when she was a child. Brook is a descendent of Lucrezia Borgia, through her grandmother who happens to be an Italian princess. Her grandfather is Irish and descents from William Shields who was born in 1660 and died in County Antrim fifty-five years later.


In the younger days, Brook Shields date Prince Albert II, Ted McGinley and Michael Jackson. She didn’t have a lot of time for dating because of her busy acting career. Brook did take time out from her career to attend Princeton for five years, between 1983 and 1987. Brook majored in French literature. This can account for her ability to author three of her own books, “Down Came the Rain”, “The Brook Book” and “On Your Own”.


Brook Shields has a long list of film and television credits to her title. Two movies that stand out in her career are “Pretty Baby” for it’s controversial nude scenes by other actors and “Blue Lagoon” for her role as a young child of 12 stranded on a island with Christopher Atkins, where they both learn about growing up and become sexual and fall in love. The television sitcom “Suddenly Susan” proved to be a huge success for Brook Shields when portrayed a single magazine employee.


Brook Shields biography also includes her heated debate with Tom Cruise over her post-partum depression and taking of the anti-depressant Paxil. Brook received support against Cruise from the world. There were a few that disagreed with her comments, but she did make her point. She has been active in anti-smoking commercials and is an avid believer in the anti-smoking campaigns.


The Brook Shields biography also includes speaking out on the issues she experienced with fertility. She has made video’s encourages millions to consult with fertility specialists if they are in need of help conceiving a child. Brook as had a full life speaking out on issues that concern her. Her controversial acting career and her ability to speak out as kept her in the spotlight. Brook Shields is always going to be remembered for your career, starting out at just eleven months old as the Ivory Snow Baby.



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